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I generally prefer on-going contacts, although I am open at this time to periodic one-offs. Well, let me just say that my tastes and experience are more broad than "that of your average bear."First Date: If we are compatible, we will talk on the phone and whisper sweet nothings in each other's ears. If this is part of your thing, then allow them within reach of each other during transport, and suggest something to them that is likely to evoke sexual jealousy in one or both of them.Perhaps you would like to show me your most private parts on cam? "I'm not sure I'll have energy to do the both of you," is a time-honored theme.The ingestion of several large swallows of high-potency alcohol have a marvelous effect on compliance and pliability. Your dear slut, Nikkimess#8..i was not standing up to be counted,you stay with the young and firm.i was saying it would be fun to hear more of your tales of moronic manaical midgets and drug besotted first dates with people who's only redeeming quality is a good pic , in person, at the be it from me to offer advice to someone as well versed in the human condition as yourself.i would chose a path less treacherous and not lined with booby traps.i like my body parts better when they are not bleeding...lolesp60~Hopin’ y’all don’t mind…"He Said He Had ESP"© Bear Woman™See, I was looking through my POFmail one day, and I happened upon a message from this guy who said he knew all about me.

Now, pepper spray is not a good thing, as your date will end up on the ground writhing and screaming in a most undesirous way.Sometimes its the small things that make the difference, you know? Heather (from POF) - another never ending date that went from noon until 3 am. All dates should be enjoyable as you should be doing something you enjoy and if the person you are with enjoys it too you end up with a friend or someone special. We played mini golf, played soccer after buying a ball, went to a beach to see its freezing, played frisbee with some kids that winged me in the head with the frisbee, raced for icecream, walked her dog, went to dinner, went to a movie, went to ihop, climbed a palm trees and we talked back and forth with me in one palm tree and her in another.4. :smiles dreamily: that was certainly a good night, lol for sure. July 2007..the guy for a coffee around 9pm and I didn't get home until 6 am! The entire time was a joy, and we connected in a way that's only happened with one other since. But still the most fun date I have comes to mind... Talked through the night and the next 5 weeks together. We went off for a fabulous week in a romantic B&B, combined with hiking, biking, day trips, whale watching, browsing book stores together, fine dining, and incredible sex.

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