Who is she hulk dating

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XD Hopefully mentioning Erza will give you She-Hulk auditioners something to work off of. If you wish to redo, just message me and I'll remove your auditions this afternoon.I've also pushed the deadline back a day to give you all more time.There will be more characters in the next episode if this one works out.Amadeus' roommate is among them, and he'll be an extremely familiar face, he makes Amadeus crawl the walls if you know what I mean XDAll right, it looks like we're having a little bit of trouble with She-Hulk here. I'm looking for She-Hulk to sound somewhat like Erza from Fairy Tail. I appreciate the effort by everyone so far, but I've been noticing a pattern of talented people struggling with the voice.XDWhile a project owner is welcome to have as many active projects running as they wish outside BTVA, the limit is imposed because having too many active projects can be somewhat "unrealistic".We want those who are auditioning to feel that each project is getting the attention and quality it deserves given auditioners themselves are putting in their own time and effort.No-one makes such awkward accommodations for fellow lawyer Daredevil's involvements with villains, so why the double standard? Hercules Hercules used to be Jen's fantasy crush -- she once rated him a perfect 10, and had several dreams about him. He's not quite her perfect man in person, but the mutual attraction is there.When the world is ending, you don't have to worry so much about their personality.

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As a project owner you will see a "Edit Character/Manage Auditions" link for each character.I have written more pieces than I care to count about the frustrating fact that the movie-making arms of Marvel and DC can have Norse gods, a talking raccoon and reanimated World War II veterans as heroes but somehow cannot manage to tell a story about a superpowered woman.But, periodically, I get a reminder that, given some of the people in positions of creative power at these companies, it might be better to have no superheroines than the versions of superheroines they might come up with.In the eyes of many She-Hulk fans, she and Wyatt are destined to end up together. Maybe in the end times, all his experience counts for something?Juggernaut In a weird continuity patch, Jen's time with the Juggernaut was revealed to involve a She-Hulk impostor. Titania If I told you that there's some eye-opening fan art of She-Hulk and her similarly Amazonian sometime grappling partner Titania online that suggests this pair have an established following, would you just take my word for it?

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