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Apatow, probably trying to change the subject, sarcastically responded by saying Franco was the only cast member to since be nominated for an Academy Award.

"And he's way better looking than all of us," Segel added.

Samm Levine, who played one of the diminutive geeks on the show, acknowledged that unlike some of his co-stars, he's gone on to have a less-than-fruitful career: "I'm a serious actor now.

I was on ' That's So Raven,' " he said, referring to the Disney Channel show.

Franco had created a back story in which his character had "maybe been abused by his father, and so he didn't want any physicality between him and his girlfriend.

This was unbeknownst to me," Philipps recalled, giggling.

But that didn't stop his former co-stars from ragging on him.

No sooner was co-creator and executive producer Paul Feig singing the praises of the young cast when Apatow lobbed the first insult Franco's way.

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Rogen kidded that a then-13-year-old John Francis Daley, who played Sam Weir, still believed in Santa Claus when they filmed the show."There were no drama queens on the show," Feig said."Except for Franco," Apatow quipped, adding that the best actor nominee was "already method" acting during the early days of his career.It is probably still the greatest cancelled-too-soon series of all time, and I have to imagine, one of the most popular series ever on Netflix.There’s no particular occasion for this post; I just felt like reminescing about one of the best series ever, and the truest televised representation of all time about what it’s like to go through high school.

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