Who is christopher titus dating

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Titus finds out that the satanic child sex ring pizza place guy is going to jail. Titus shares his thoughts on the crazy gunman who attacked a bunch of Republicans..baseball practice!The crew tells their shystiest shyster stories and Fetus tells us about Dr. Alex Jones is attacked and we meet Shirley who speaks Chinese. Bombshell gets praised for her on point eyebrow game and tells a riveting tale that'll have you...The Titus Podcast Crew is busy this week so we bring you a CLASSIC. Why is "stupid" an epidemic and why are people okay with it?From October 2015: Playboy Magazine is no longer putting naked women in the magazine! Titus, Bombshell and Fetus go over the amazing availability of porn.. J Simpson is finally out of prison and is moving to...smell that? Titus talks about the sad state of affairs America's justice system is in. We prove how teamwork can ruin progress and how being alone can make you Steve Jobs. Who should you call on to direct one of the biggest movie franchises in the world? Titus and the gang discuss why the new Han Solo Star Wars movie is better off with Ron Howard at the helm....

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Titus does the entire Podcast on one knee while exercising his first amendment rights.We try to give Fetus more style than a hobbit and Titus gets yelled at by Bombshell about Playboy magazine, and what he thinks "Pretty" is. Titus goes off this week on why the world is in such terrible horrendous shape.With Trump talking about the "Rocket Man" in North Korea, how close are we total world annihilation?Titus showcases Big Oranges first 100 days as President.Bombshell recounts her wedding and some memorable moments in her past involving some dangerous, "Purple Drink".

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