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He said tonight: 'I have always wanted MPs to be accessible to their constituents because they are the people who put us in the House of Commons.'But these kind of events make you wonder what kind of security measures need to be put in place.'He added: 'It's a terrible, shocking event.

Fortunately it's very, very rare that this kind of event happens and I'm pleased to hear that Stephen's injuries are not life-threatening.'Several MPs sent Mr Timms their best wishes via micro-blogging site Twitter.

Labour's Tom Harris (Glasgow South) said: 'Awful news, Stephen.

Wishing you a very speedy recovery.'Greg Mulholland, Liberal Democrat MP for Leeds North West, said: 'Awful news about Stephen Timms, thank goodness not life threatening.

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Ashman seriously injured Mr Jones and stabbed to death his aide Andrew Pennington as he tried to protect the MP. Ashman later claimed he had carried out the attack because his MP was not doing enough to help him after he lost his job, got divorced and was declared bankrupt.Andrew Bazeley, 22, bravely disarmed the woman, who had made an appointment to see Mr Timms at his surgery.Mr Bazeley was left covered in blood after he grabbed the knife and restrained her until a security guard arrived. Scotland Yard said it found one at the scene but another was reportedly also found hidden in her clothes later.But Ashman has since been allowed back on the streets after psychiatrists deemed him fit to be let out.He is now living in a 'halfway house' in Bristol, just 35 miles away from the scene of the killing in Cheltenham.

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