Satoshi tsumabuki thread dating

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Well I don't think he's that type at all so I'll take Jun and Nana as only friends into consideration :) Whatever it is, it's in the past and there's nothing between them now. It was Nana who introduced Emi to Jun or so i have read and the two are best friend even now you can see pictures of Nana and Emi hanging out together.Going from one to another, i dont know, but i am sure Nana and Jun are friends. Apparently Satoshi Tsumabuki is close friends with Sho Sakurai, and in an interview he said he went to Arashi's concert and told the interviewer that he wants to be an Arashi member lol.But it is just rumours and supposed sightings after all.i wanted to say he wasnt relaxed like he is when other guests were there, too conscious of himself, nervous not to say or show anything that should stay hidden. I hope the MC is only temporary because I want to see him making another drama or movies. So I think Jun and Tsumabuki are chummy), then it's possibly unlikely that Kou is dating Jun.I just have this feeling that Jun is the type to show some signs when there is or was something betweenhim and the guest, unconsciously, but thats just my opinion. This Junx Kou rumor is getting a whole lot of discussion. We won't know until either Jun or Kou comes out and say there is or there isn't. If he hosting another program he will be very very busy Meiji.. Else there would be a weird tension between Jun and Tsumabuki.The latest Hn A proves that to me, if there has been anything wouldnt it somehow be awkward for those two even if they remained friends.Just compare it to Hn A with Mao, something was really of with Jun there.

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In the past two years, fans have reported the two meeting together at local bars in restaurants.

I'm not a die hard Arashi fan or a Jun fan myself, i just love them without actually following everything about them, but i've been told by "Jun-fans-but-loves-mao-too" that Jun is indeed a very complicated person back then, very hard to deal with. and the most noticeable is he's not much of a Dos anymore. This is the reason why i am a die-hard fan of maotsujun.

So there's indeed a chance that the commentator said is true. i think that mao-chan's and jun-kun's perception of each other changed as they got to know each other and both became better people as a result of their meeting/relationship.mao-chan didnt like bishonen (pretty boys) and especially didnt like jun-kun or his attitude, him being an idol and a Johnny at that. jun-kun on the other hand, lived fully to his persona of a bad-boy idol and preferred older women.

Despite their demanding shooting schedules (Tsumabuki is starring in 6 films and a drama this year alone), the couple was able to find time for each other. Update: Negative press has caused Maiko to skip press event for film ‘Kuime’ to not ’cause inconvenience’ to the event.

As for Emi Suzuki having been with Jun, i must admit there really is a hugh possibility, but as for Nana-chan i dont think so.

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