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Here are some of the unusual rules she was expected to follow while dating a prince.

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The two just ended a three-week vacation to Africa, including a romantic getaway to a safari lodge close to the spectacular Victoria Falls (if you recall, Prince William proposed to Duchess Catherine in Africa! With the relationship getting this serious, Meghan is undoubtedly perfecting all the rules of being on the arm of a prince.Those skeptics apparently have not read up on their H. Mencken or kept current with the state of American reality television.There is a seemingly endless supply of people willing to take a shot at finding love on television, or who will believe someone is rich just because a television producer tells them so.The creator of Freeze Frames Cool Care Eyewear knows firsthand what it’s like to be involved with royalty.Alison dated Prince Albert II of Monaco – the son of legendary actress Grace Kelly – for six years.

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