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In the best case, the top pages are the conclusion of a natural process flow and simply indicate opportunities to entice the visitor to explore the site further.If the page is at the beginning or in the middle of a logical process flow, you have direct evidence that something impedes the conversion of a visitor into a customer.It is also possible to aggregate the referrers by domain, by taking advantage of AWStats' custom report feature.

As noted earlier, some users may access the internet though large company proxies, masking their true location.

Keep an eye on the Over the course of a month, unusual peaks may indicate your site is receiving promotion from elsewhere--review referral traffic. For marketing, it indicates when the greatest number of eyeballs is generally present.

Abnormally low traffic, if not on a holiday, may indicate difficulty in reaching your site, whether it was down or performing poorly. For technical staff, this can suggest when to perform scheduled maintenance.

Is a competitor drawing away your potential traffic? This provides a breakdown of visitors and pages, month by month, for the current year.

In month-to-month comparisons, do not forget to adjust for the variable number of days in a month.

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