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His father moved to the Patagonia region that year, where he later purchased a sheep ranch.

Juan himself was sent away in 1904 to a boarding school in Buenos Aires directed by his paternal grandmother, where he received a strict Catholic upbringing.

Perón, who instead supported General Agustín Justo, was banished to a remote post in northwestern Argentina after Uriburu's successful coup in September 1930.

He was promoted to the rank of Major the following year and named to the faculty at the Superior War School, however, where he taught military history and published a number of treatises on the subject.

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The Perón branch of his family was originally Sardinian, from which his great-grandfather emigrated in the 1830s; in later life Perón would publicly express his pride in his Sardinian roots.

As a colonel and his power of premier minister, Perón took a significant part in the military coup by the GOU (United Officers' Group, a secret society) against the conservative civilian government of Castillo.

At first an assistant to Secretary of War General Edelmiro Farrell, under the administration of General Pedro Ramírez, he later became the head of the then-insignificant Department of Labour.

Peronism is a political phenomenon that draws support from both the political left and political right.

Peronism is not considered a traditional party, but a political movement, because of the wide variety of people who call themselves Peronists, and there is great controversy surrounding his personality.

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