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Kite fighting kites' main tether lines have sharp glass particles bonded to the line. Reeling, handling, and storage methods differ for lines depending on the kite applications.

Kite lines misused or abused can cause injury to persons and property. Kite lines terminate at the kite's wing/bridle at one end and at some kite mooring at the other end; the mooring is to some object anchor that provides the tug or tension against the resultant of the lift and drag forces of the kite; the anchor is always powered by something even if that something is the Earth's moving surface relative to the air for air kites; a running human kite operator is the source of human powering.

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Low-stretch lines have a stable length and give more responsive control.

Sport kites using kite lines two or three or four lines at a time have a need for very low stretch.

Single-line recreation kite lines may do well with stretchy kite lines.

Depending on the kite application and kite system needs, selecting a kite line will consider one or more of the following parameters: availability, base material, color, density, mass per length, size, manufacturer's reports, serial number or product number, diameter, cross-section shape, tensile strength new, aged tensile strength, resistance damage from chemicals, defects, safety factor, resistance to damage from solar radiation (UV stabilization), electrical conductivity, optical conductivity, heat conductivity, moisture intake from water (via humidity, rain, contact with liquid water), buoyancy in water, abrasion resistance, nature of manufacturer's line joins, feel, degradation from knotting, terminal methods, elasticity, structure, signal transmission capacity, visibility to radar, performance over time, maintenance actions, effect on performance from hours of use, drag, negative lift, auxiliary line uses, performance when being reeled under tension, performance when tensed line touches itself, action upon breaking, memory, veil, sleeving, inspectability, surface finish, reaction to heat and cold, taper (as wanted), flexibility, reeling behavior, breaking strength, critical diameter, reliability, test-results portfolio, visibility, twist, plasticity, safety, price.

Toy kites sold with a manufacturer's selected line makes the decision easy; the decision is more challenging for custom kite applications.

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