Jimmy lin and ruby lin dating

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In 2002, Ruby starred in 3 series - Half Life Fate, Boy and Girl and Flying Daggers.Ruby selected main actress in TV version of Half Life Fate(adapted from Zhang Ailing's novel Eighteen Springs) The movie version of Half Life Fate which directed by Ann Hui, a well-known director in Asia, was not only bit hit, but got favorable criticism widely.

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And this is first time leaving my native place for long time far-away China to shoot, in overcoming the challenges of being in an unfamiliar surrounding (Taiwan Cover story Interview in 2001)" After rose to prominence, she continually to star in a number of successful television series.At that time it was a film taking place in a school, played a class leader, in a scene there was a slogan, stand up, stand at attention, salute, took about 10-20 tries, I was so scared of the director scolding at me, the feeling of frustration was quite big." (Taiwan FTV Interview in 2003) Growing up After playing minor roles in various series and films, Ruby was selected by Taiwanese famous writer Chiung Yao and had Camera test for main role of new TV drama.In 1997, Ruby surged to the top as an emanating star through her beloved "Princess Ziwei role in the TV series Princess Huanzhu, appealing to mass audiences throughout mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Southeast Asia."After I decided as Ziwei's role, I got the script only three days before I had to leave for filming.I was reading and crying at the same time, why so many lines?

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