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I promise this is not spam or anything, and I would love to share my thoughts about such things. Some were made by Kendal themslves, whilst the rest were manufactured by Pakamac, albeit when fashioned in Taiwan.Mention of Kendal makes me remember other retail outlets which I used regularly in the 1980s-Faiman, Richards, Etam, to name but a few.The Lake District was always goood for plastic macs. Hi Jeff good to hear from you I have had a thing for macs since infant school a teacher came to school in a transparent one and I have been hooked ever since it takes a exceptional understanding women to accept it and they are very rare you are lucky Hi Rob, Thanks for the reply.Your wife's plastic mac sounds nice; may I ask what colour it is ?

I just went to the web address given and having provided a contact email was sent the whole book of the first series, in audio form, MP3s, an excellent work, and there is nothing suspiciouse about it at all.

Yes, it's a shame that we don't see plastic macs for sale in the shops these days.

I used to particularly enjoy being taken to Blackpool when I was young and most shops would stock them and many would hang them outside on display, flapping in the wind; a lovely sight.

OK, it's not the hay-day Pakamac years but with Amazon, e Bay and the pvc-u-like offerings plus the Rainmac sale, I'm certainly celebrating. And if you like gardens there are some really lovely ones in Scotland.

Hi G, the sight of your teacher in her plastic mac obviously remains very clear in your mind as does my memory of my sister in her pale blue translucent plastic mac which had a matching belt and a matching concertina style rain bonnet with ties that were tied under the chin. If anyone is visiting Edinburgh, it's always a good idea to look in the tourist shops on the Royal Mile.

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