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Thus he spared by his age any understanding of the cruelties and absurdities of war.For the young boy, it was the one of the great adventure of ;his life.It was under their supervision that legendary Czech Baroque painter Petr Brandl executed the biblical ceiling fresco called “The head of son Saul is brought to King David.” A turning point in the chateau’s ownership came when Count Prokop Lažanský obtained it during 1766.Chyše would stay in his family until it was confiscated due to the Beneš decrees that took property from German citizens in 1945, as the owners at that time had German citizenship.Yet Delacroix is not untrained, and only paints in a "primitive" mode because he wants to.Actually, as a young man, he studied at the Lycee Louis-le-Grand (the high school of Louis the Great), a Paris educational institution dating back to 1563.

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So, I went to Karlovy Vary again and took a taxi to the chateau that would charm and bewitch me as soon as I set eyes on its romantic, Neo-Gothic façade (I Neo-Gothic facades! Neither party was really victorious.) Six years later, its new owner Burián z Gutštejn restored it and built a hospital and a church as well.

During his early years as an artist he experimented with virtually all the styles of the past including the Impressionism of Monet and the Post-impressionism of Seurat, Gauguin, van Gogh, and others.

I had come across Chyše chateau by chance while flipping through my old Kamenný klíč publication of castles and chateaus.

In years past, Michel Delacroix has been able to get out of the city to paint some of the great landmarks his country counts in the thousands.

Michel is not unaware of the works making up the rich, cultural history of his country, nor that of the more illustrious "other" Delacroix.

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