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A diagnosis of autism changes family relationships and dynamics in ways Singer and other parents could never imagine until it happened to them. It's "actually a family epidemic," according to Cecelia Mc Carton, MD, founder of The Mc Carton School and the Mc Carton Center for Developmental Pediatrics in New York.

"The ripple effect that happens when you have an autistic child," she says, "is astronomical in terms of family dynamics." Parents, siblings, grandparents, and extended family members are all affected by autism, Mc Carton says.

Crowding people: Sometimes, I find it hard to believe someone actually likes me, even when it's obvious to her that she does. Better yet, ask them to call you at their convenience. It shows you are interested in them but sensitive enough to let them have some say in when you talk. You go out with someone or maybe don't even get that far. She tells you that she would like you for a friend instead of a romantic interest. Women friends prepared me for my first marriage, helped me recover, and will help me in the future. Disregard social boundaries: Sometimes, we have a hard time accepting what a woman tells us, especially, like in the previous example, when it is exactly what we don't want to hear. Listen to them, but be aware of the person, usually the opposite sex, who may not have given up on you.

If they tell you they can't talk long, make it short or ask if you can call them another time. If that is what you must do to be with them, give up and meet someone else. Bad Timing: there are times to contact people and time not to. I can guarantee you that most bank tellers, waitresses, receptionists and stewardesses will light up your day with a smile and momentary charm. You can save yourself a lot of frustration with this thinking or you can waste your time trying to date women whose professions expose them to every line in real life and the movies. Not hearing the word, "No": Okay, guys, here's the scene. Heed the red and yellow lights and you'll see enough green ones. Not using your friends for support: It is possible to get so interested in your new date that you lose contact with your friends because even when you are not out with her, you are sitting around missing her. They may notice changes in your attitude or behavior or other ways you are not coping with life in general.

Stale Conversation; Too much of one kind of talking: Not surprising.

Alison Singer's days became a blur eight years ago when her daughter Jodie, now nearly 11, was diagnosed with autism.

Experts says that some of these expectations may not have even been verbalized, although they were in the back of parents' minds.

"Your life becomes dominated by autism," Singer remembers.

Her son, Adam Martin, 11, has an autism spectrum disorder known as pervasive developmental disorder -- not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS).

Her other son, Mark Martin, 9, is developing typically.

If they tell you they will call you back, trust them. It is bud for most of us, being autistic, not to get on a roll about a favorite subject, but too many jokes, compliments or anything makes you look like you aren't connected to the social situation. Hog the stage and you will soon wind up in an empty theater. Losing Your Personal Perspective: It is easy for us to get obsessed with new people. When you feel yourself really needing to be with someone, use that list to find something else to do.

A couple of jokes are fine, but a string of them just shows you are too insecure to handle a real conversation. Does she act like she wants to hear more or fidget because she isn't getting to talk at all? Make a list of the things you can do on your own or with friends.

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