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The emulation of the vultures can be interpreted in terms of an association with the death process.The elaborate decoration of the shrines suggests the presence of a 'priesthood', and presumably, some concept of an afterlife.This makes the atal Hyk pottery the earliest in the near east, as level XII must probably be dated to about 6,800 BC ( /- 100 years)'.'Whereas the earliest are round and small in size (level VI), the later examples are large and show a variety of shapes, including that of a human hand.', which has a cycle lasting approximately 25,960 years, and is measured by the gradual rotation of the zodiacal constellations on the horizon at the equinoxes).The product of such observations was the division of the sky into twelve equal parts, each occupied by a constellation, and each being visible at the equinoxes for a period of approximately 2,160 years.Catalhoyuk is the site of a Neolithic town in Turkey dating back to between 74 BC.

The figurine is complete and undamaged." Human breasts were found moulded on the walls from plaster, behind which were found actual vulture skulls with their beaks protruding to form the nipples.These murals are on all four inside walls of the building but probably represent more than one composition or scene.The people seem to be interacting with the animals, pulling tongues, pulling tails, jumping on their backs.It is perhaps relevant that two lions are also used in portrayals of the legendary ante-deluvian Sumerian hero/king, Gilgamesh, creating a direct link between Pre-Sumerian, Sumerian and Post-Sumerian (Mesopotamian) cultural themes.The significance of the discovery of an such an early mother-earth figure, flanked by felines, combines to enforce the idea of an prehistoric matriarchal society, of which influences may also be seen in 'To our great surprise we found pottery in every building-level right down to level XIII, so that no pre-pottery phases have yet been reached.

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