Blythe danner dating chevy chase hilary duff dating mike comrie

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Expelled from Haverford College after bringing a cow into the third floor of a campus building.Transferred to Bard College, where he dated actress Blythe Danner and graduated in 1967.The role of Eric 'Otter' Stratton in National Lampoon's Animal House (1978) was originally written with him in mind. In 2003, he appeared in two television commercials for Cola Turka, a soft drink developed to be in direct competition with both Coca-Cola and Pepsi, while keeping the money in the Turkish economy.'John Landis' didn't want the film to be a Saturday Night Live (1975) film, so he met with Chase and persuaded him not to take the film by telling him it was an ensemble piece. The commercials, which were both comic and nationalistic in theme, feature Chase playing a confused American who notices his friend and family using Turkish idioms and exhibiting Turkish customs after consuming the drink.Turned down the role of "Peter Venkman" in Ghostbusters (1984), which went to Bill Murray.According to Chase, the finished film is nothing like the script that he read, adding that the script was much scarier than the film.Danner will perform with pianist Mike Renzi and bassist Neal Miner. Miles took the point of view that Bill Evans was the best available musician. I’m joining a group called Moms Clean Air Force (MCAF). We have a very good policy to deal with the threat of mercury. It is the first national policy to reduce mercury emissions.

She will speak about her life-long love of jazz, singing jazz in college with bandmate Chevy Chase, and her friendship with the influential jazz pianist Bill Evans. The EPA has introduced a rule called The Mercury in Air Toxic Standard.His now-famous "Good evening, I'm Chevy Chase and you're not" opening line on the "Weekend Update" segments of Saturday Night Live (1975) was a takeoff of New York news anchor Roger Grimsby's "Here now the news" opening line.Was nearly killed (electrocuted) during the filming of Modern Problems (1981) when, during the sequence in which he is wearing "landing lights" as he dreams that he is an airplane, the current in the lights short-circuited through his arm, back, and neck muscles.As soon as the roast was over, he returned to his hotel room and was so depressed about it, he was sobbing most of the night and had to be consoled by roast master Paul Schäfer.Chase's roast was noted by fans and critics alike for being particularly mean-spirited, even by the standards of a roast.

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