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It seemed like a brilliant and cathartic-ly wonderful idea!

But cleaning out my Twitter feed to a much smaller subset ultimately seemed like too much work.

Even if I did clean it all out, I would potentially have a better feed, but it’s still a feed on a silo which I don’t own or control and it doesn’t have any effect on needing to repeat the same work on dozens of other silos.

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I don’t want their programmatic “reversion to the mean” forcing me to read more memes, jokes, political vitriol, and useless content.As a result of all this noise from too many sources and social platforms, I’ve found that having a manifest or complete inventory of all my online reading sources can be immensely valuable.It will make it easier to see what I’m reading and consuming on a regular basis and therefor easier to prune or update this list based on how often I’m reading these sources compared to the value I’m getting out of them.This has become drastically more apparent in the past year or so, and I invite those who aren’t aware of their dramatic effects on our lives to read Cathy O’Neil’s book , which does a great job of outlining them for the lay person with no technical background.Every day these black box algorithms are choosing more and more of what we read and consume.

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