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You'd be home watching CSI – – (Crime Scene Investigation) TV show, CSI-Petersburg. And on CSI, there is no distinction made between historical science and observational science. Natural laws that applied in the past apply now; that's why there are natural laws, that's why we embrace them.That's how we made all these discoveries that enabled this marvelous technology.There is not a single place in the Grand Canyon where the fossils of one type of animal cross over into the fossils of another.In other words, when there's a big flood on the Earth, you would expect drowning animals to swim up to a higher level. If you could find evidence of that my friends, you could change the world.Although CSI is a fictional show, it's based absolutely on real people doing real work, going to a crime scene, where you have evidence and you get clues about the past, and you trust those clues and you embrace them, and go forward to convict somebody. Ham and his followers have this remarkable view of a worldwide flood, that somehow influenced everything we observe in nature.

When you research science textbooks being used in public schools, what we have found is this: by and large, the origins, or historical science is based on man's ideas about the past. And our research has found that public school textbooks are using the same word “science” for observational science historical science; they arbitrarily define science as naturalism, and outlaw the supernatural. They are imposing the religion of naturalism/atheism on generations of students.People have been indoctrinated to believe that creationists cannot be scientists. I have published over 130 scientific papers on science and design.I believe this is a case of secularists hijacking the word “science.” I want you to meet a modern-day scientist who is a biblical creationist. In my research work I find that scientific evidence supports creationism as the best explanation to origins.” Ham: Stuart is a biblical creationist, who is a scientist; he is also an inventor, and I want young people to understand, that the problem I believe is this: we need to define terms correctly.And it doesn’t matter whether you're an evolutionist or a creationist; you can be a great scientist.For instance, here is an atheist who is a great scientist: Craig Venter is one of the first researchers to sequence the human genome. Raymond Damadian, the man who invented the MRI scanner and revolutionized the field of medicine. But I want you to also understand: molecules-to-man evolution belief has nothing to do with developing technology.

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